Bebop 360


With this app you can create stunning aerial 360 panorama your Parrot® bebop or bebop2

Main Feature:

-360 Panorama

-Exponential analog stick for precise manual piloting

-Piloting mode 1,  2,  3,  4

-work with:



  MFI bluetooth controller

  FLYPAD bluetooth controller

  WIFI extender

-Return home

-Banked Turn

-Flight Limits

-Media Management

-Integration with Bebop Pro app

-On screen information:




   -wifi signal strength

   -bebop battery level

   -device battery level

   -skycontroller battery level

   -bebop gps fix (with satellite number)

   -device gps fix (color coded on the precision level)

   -skycontroller gps fix

   -dinamic viewfinder

   flight Timer

-Video streaming from the bebop

-Map view

-Flat Trim

-Save last know Bebop Position

-Super handy shortcut to system wi-fi options

-Siri voice feedback


   - english

   - italian

   - spanish

####### 360 Panorama ######

take stunning 360 aerial panorama with this app!

just pilot the drone to your favorite spot and start the process! the app will automatically take all the necessary pics, then use the "panorama manager" inside the app for stitch them together to create an immersive 360 pics to share with your friends!!

This app is built with parrot SDK 3.10

-This app works with both Bebop1 and Bebop2


version 1.3