Mini PRO


Pilot your Parrot Minidrone like never before with this app!!

Unique on screen speed selector for change the behaviour of your mini drone on the flight without digging in setting!

Change you mini drone from an indoor precise flight machine to a rocket ship in one second!!

Banked turn!

Make you minidrone turn like a fixed wind aircraft!!

As you act on the yaw the miniDrone will automatically roll! Incredible manoeuvre ahead !

Headless Mode!

Exclusive flight mode for your miniDrone! (super easy flight mode ideal for kids!!)

In this mode you don't have to consider how the miniDrone is oriented it will always go to the direction you want with automatic yaw too!!

Just take off with the miniDrone facing away from you!!

Patrol Mode!

this is an autonomous flight mode!! in this mode the miniDrone will automatically patrol along a line or a configurable perimeter...

Flight Plan (coming soon)

Precise plan all the step of your flight then perform it automatically! lot of fun!!

Parrot Mambo Cannon and Clap support

work with:

Bluetooth MFI controller

Parrot FLYPAD controller

Works with all Parrot Minidrone: Rolling Spider, Airborne Cargo,Airborne Night,Hydrofoil,Mambo